As big as flatscreen TVs can be these days, they can actually save space. At least in comparison to the large boxed versions from my childhood. Back in the day, there was no way to hang a TV on the wall or get around having a large piece of furniture for it to sit on. The only real issue is hiding the wires that hang below a wall-mounted television. Figuring out how to hide TV wires can be tricky, but if you’re willing to get a little creative, you’ll be watching your shows in style in no time.

Considering that figuring out how to hide TV wires is pretty much the only drawback, I’d say flatscreens are pretty revolutionary. You can hide them away, find them in practically any size, and connect them to nearly any device.

It certainly makes streaming easier than ever, which is something we only dreamed of when I was little. I can’t even tell you how many times I taped shows so I could watch them after soccer practice. As fun as it is to remember the days when I would run my hand across the screen to feel static, I’m glad we’ve moved on to bigger and better televisions.

Now, all we have to do is figure out how to hide TV wires for a clean look. Once you eliminate the eyesore, you can create a beautiful entertaining space.

Fewer Wires and Fewer Problems

You might think that those wires are nothing but a mess, but there are plenty of reasons to tuck them away.

Tangled wires are a recipe for disaster. It can make switching between consoles difficult and frustrating.

That might not be an issue for everyone, especially if you only use a cable box. However, it’s also common to have a gaming console or two on hand. When I was little, it was normal to have gaming consoles if you had kids. Nowadays it seems like everyone has them because they aren’t just for the younger crowd. Gaming consoles have grown up with us. Not to mention, playing games can be a great way to wind down after a long day at work.

Alternatively, I don’t watch TV daily and opt to use streaming services when I do, rather than paying for the whole cable package. Wifi is all I need to watch my favorite shows. As much as I miss watching the daily news, it’s an excellent way to save money.

Nevertheless, the methods people use to watch television has changed exponentially. Everyone I know seems to use a different device.

If you choose the streaming route as I did, there are a few ways you can accomplish it. It makes going wireless a little easier if you have a smart TV. Since our television is a little older, we don’t have that choice. Instead, we download streaming apps on an Xbox, although you can do the same thing with other new gaming consoles. Or consider using an Amazon Fire TV stick or a Roku device.

In the end, you need to consider your entire setup when figuring out how to hide TV wires. The fewer wires you have, the easier it will be.

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When you should seek some help

Figuring out how to hide TV wires isn’t too hard, but executing your ideas might not be as easy as coming up with them. The most common method is running the cables behind the wall. We’ll go into detail about that next, but it can be tricky. If this is the route you choose to take, you might want to find some help.

For one thing, cutting into walls isn’t something you should take lightly. There could be other wires running behind the walls that you definitely don’t want to cut. Plus, there could be studs behind the walls that will make it difficult to run the wires.

If you’ve never done it before and are unsure or too nervous about doing it yourself, enlist some help from professionals. It’s an easy job and shouldn’t be expensive. Additionally, it won’t end up being a hack job to be uncovered by the next owners of the home.

How to Hide TV Wires in the Cleanest and Classiest Way

If you’re trying to figure out how to hide TV wires, the classic method is hiding them behind walls. As we mentioned before, you can accomplish this on your own or get some help. It all depends on how comfortable you are with the process.

PowerBridge Solutions makes an in-wall cable management power bridge system. It comes in a wide variety and is simple to install, so you don’t have to be too wary of taking a whack at it. You don’t need to be an electrician to install it because you won’t have to splice wires. It will only be a matter of measuring, cutting, and running the cables through the system.

In the end, it won’t take much time and will hide all the necessary wires. That includes aux cords, HDMI cables, RCA cables, and any power cords. They are certainly big enough if you have a wide array of consoles.

Additionally, PowerBridge Solutions came up with an array of in-wall power management kits. That includes single or dual outlets and power surge protection. The packages are relatively affordable for between $50 and $90.

Hidden in plain sight

If you live in a rental or aren’t interested in cutting holes in the walls the first choice might not be for you. Instead, you may want to learn how to hide TV wires another way.

Lucky for you, we have plenty of other ideas. Figuring out how to hide TV wires in plain sight isn’t rocket science, but it can take a little creativity. It will all depend on your set up.

As convenient as it is to have your television mounted on the wall, it can make it harder to figure out how to hide TV wires.

Unless you use an in-wall kit, it is going to be a little bit more obvious than you might like, but it isn’t impossible. The next ideas are great, but your choice will depend on whether you have your TV sitting on a stand or the wall. Hopefully, you can find something that works great with the setup you already have.

Tubing to the rescue

Raceways are an easy way to hide cords if you have a wall mounted the television. It will be apparent that you used one to hide the wires unless you also cover up the raceway. But they can be painted to match the walls.

While they won’t be invisible, they will efficiently clean up the area. Additionally, raceways are effortless to install; all you need is a cable management kit. The kit comes with all the hardware necessary. It also enables you to adjust the length depending on the height of your television. The basic color selection can be easily painted over to blend in with the walls.

Overall, this is a fantastic way to keep your wires tidy and the area looking clean. Although, this isn’t the right choice if your TV is on a stand. It’s more trouble than it’s worth and there won’t be a great distance between the TV and the floor. Although, if the TV is on a tabletop surface with an open back, but might still be a convenient solution.

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Hidden compartments

If you like the idea of the raceway, you might also be interested in hiding the cords behind moldings. It might seem pointless in some cases, but sometimes the outlet and the position of your television don’t precisely line up. If that’s the case, you might want to consider running a raceway down the wall and across the room. Some fantastic choices will blend in seamlessly with your moldings.

You could use the same one you used to run down the wall, but there are others that blend in the baseboards effortlessly. Moreover, it will keep everything tidy, and you won’t have to worry about unsightly wires running across your living room floor.

Just another excuse to add more bookshelves

I don’t know about you, but I love a good excuse to add bookshelves. My husband would be rolling his eyes if he saw me writing that sentence.

But if you’re trying to figure out how to hide TV wires, it’s the perfect way to do it. There are a few different ways to use shelves to hide cords and add to the decor of the room.

The most straightforward choice would be a bookshelf that sits right beneath the TV on the wall. All the wires can hide behind it, and you can use it for storage, so there are plenty of benefits to using this method.

However, if you don’t want to add a full-sized bookshelf, you could consider wall shelves. It’s incredibly easy; all you have to do is install a board that runs from the floor to ceiling. The board should be attached to studs, so it is secure and able to hold weight. As long as it is sturdy and prepared to bear weight, you can attach the TV mount to the board.

Then you can add floating shelves above for books, picture frames, or even cute little house plants. Although for the bottom you could add a small cabinet, table, or more shelves. The whole design can be unique and made to match the rest of the decor.

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Take Advantage of TV Stands and Entertainment Centers

There are plenty of TV stands and entertainment centers for sale in stores or online. The only trouble is the fact that they can be ugly, expensive, and may not match the rest of the room. However, there are ways to personalize your entertainment centers. If you own your home, you will have the option of customizing your rooms. That will also give you the ability to make a built-in entertainment center.

There are a lot of different ideas floating around for DIY entertainment centers. You can make built-in bookshelves along either side with a cubby in the middle for your TV. If you’re trying to figure out how to hide TV wires, this is by far the prettiest way to do it. But you should keep in mind that it’s also going to be the most complicated. It also won’t be possible if you’re renting like I am.

If you are renting, you can still use a TV stand. It might seem like the easy way out, but there are plenty of ways to make your own TV stand or customize one. That will also enable you to make the TV stand fit your decor.

If you choose to use a rustic table or something that has an open back, you can run the wires along the legs to keep them tidy and out of view.

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Figuring out How to Hide TV Wires Isn’t as Hard as You Think

Honestly, there are plenty of options out there if you’re trying to figure out how to hide TV wires. You can keep your space looking clean and organized.

After all, having a bunch of wires laying around doesn’t look nice and could be dangerous. It might not seem like a big deal, but if you have small children or puppies, it’s a good idea to keep wires out of the way. So all you have to do is find the perfect way to hide your TV wires. If you have a setup that you aren’t happy with, this could be an excellent opportunity to change everything. But if you’re content with the way things are, there are plenty of ways to hide wires in plain sight without changing a thing.

No matter what you choose, we hope we gave you some great new ideas. If you figured out how to hide TV wires differently, we would love to hear about it in the comment section below!

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