The Samsung MU8000 televisions offer a great viewing experience. Find out all you need to know about these 4K smart TVs. Learn more about the specifications and what to expect if you buy one of these TVs. Read about the pros and cons, and see how this series stacks up to competitors.

The television has long been a staple in homes across the country. Since the TV's introduction, families have scrambled to buy the newest and greatest offerings. As television technology has expanded from the early years of black and white sets to today's HD smart TVs, people have always been interested in chasing after a better picture and overall experience.

You may or may not be into technology, but either way, it is hard to say no when you see a set with the picture quality of the Samsung MU8000 series. We will tell you more about this series. You will get a look at the specifications -of these televisions. You will also learn more about Samsung as a company and what to expect from the technology found in the MU8000 TVs.  We will additionally reveal how this series compares to similar televisions and what is good and bad about it. Let our review provide you with all the information you need to understand this series better so you can decide if you should buy one of these TVs.

What Is the Samsung MU8000?

Samsung MU8000 Specifications

Samsung MU8000 Specifications

The MU8000 series from Samsung features various size options. They include the following:

  • 49 inches
  • 55 inches
  • 65 inches
  • check
    75 inches
  • check
    82 inches

For this review, we are going to focus on the 65-inch model because it seems to be the most widely available and the most popular option. The specifications, for the most part, are the same for all the TVs in this series regardless of size, though.

The MU8000 series is made up of 4K LED TVs. The 4K technology is exceptional and provides crisp and clear picture quality. The resolution is 3840 x 2160, which sharpens images and increases color. The motion rate is 240, and it features 4K color drive extreme and 10-bit support. The TVs are also HDR compatible. Because they are smart TVs, they have built-in Wi-Fi capabilities, so you can connect to your home network easily.

The MU8000 TVs come with Samsung's smart TV platform, which is called Tizen. Users actually really like this platform. It is easy to use. It may not have all the apps you want, but it should have the major players, such as Hulu, Netflix and YouTube. The platform is coupled with the Samsung Smart Hub, which allows you to access apps and manage your TV settings all in one place.

Looking at the exterior, the series features the Clean Cable Solution, which allows you to tuck away cords so you don't end up with a jumbled mess behind your TV. Cords just run through the TV base for a clean look. It also includes One Connect, so you can connect everything to one box. The TVs have a 360-degree design, so they look good on the wall or stand. The dimensions for the 65-inch TV are as follows:



56.9 inches


11.4 inches


36 inches

Looking at the hookups more closely, you get four HDMI ports along with three USB ports. This allows you to hook up game systems, DVD players, sound systems and other accessories. The MU8000 TVs also have an Ethernet port, along with RF in and digital audio out.

These TVs are packed with various features that help provide you with a great experience. They include:


  • UHD upscaling
  • Dolby Audio
  • DTS Premium Sound
  • check
  • check
    Quad-Core processor
  • check
    Auto Motion Plus
  • check
    Smart View 2.0
  • check
    UHD Dimming
  • check
  • V-Chip
  • Closed captioning
  • Game mode
  • check
    One Connect
  • check
    Eco Sensor
  • check
    Peak Illuminator Pro
  • check
    Easy pairing
  • check
    TV-To-Mobile mirroring

Finally, the remote for the MU8000 series is kept simple. Samsung limited the remote to a select number of buttons that make it easy to use. You won't have to worry about a learning curve or not being able to find the right button when setting up or operating the TV. It is also ergonomically designed, so it is easier and more comfortable to hold and use. If you watch a lot of TV, then you will probably enjoy this feature.

Comparison Shopping

You may get a better idea of whether a TV from the MU8000 series is right for you if you look at some similar models from other brands. This allows you to compare the different aspects of each and see how the MU8000 TVs stack up. To save you some time, we went ahead and did a comparison of the 65-inch MU8000 TV and a couple of other 65-inch TVs from competitors.

Samsung Electronics UN65MU8000 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2017...
  • An extreme step up in color with a billion more shades than regular 4K UHD.
  • See extreme contrast between the darkest darks and the lightest lights, plus expanded...
  • See what you’ve been missing, even in dark scenes.


65 inches

While users really liked the quality of the TV and the amazing picture, that was quickly overshadowed by the presence of banner ads during use of the Smart TV functions. Users cannot get rid of the ads, and they do impact viewing quality for most people. While people enjoyed the Tizen platform and thought that the TV was easy to set up and use, they were really upset about those ads. For every review where a user was singing the praises of the TV, there were about five more where users were unhappy because of the ads. So, this advertising issue really brings down the overall value of this TV. It isn't a cheap TV, so an issue like this has to be given a lot of weight.

LG Electronics 65SK9000 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2018 Model)
  • LG SUPER UHD TV with AI (Artificial Intelligence) ThinQ has the Google Assistant built in,...
  • α7 Intelligent Processor enhances 4K HDR content for a truly cinematic experience. Enjoy...
  • Full array local dimming results in better picture quality. This more precise local...


65 inches

This TV from LG matches up pretty well to the Samsung in terms of specifications. It has an excellent 4K picture. The smart TV platform runs smoothly and is easy to use. However, it can be hard to set up the TV and adjust the picture. The TV has excellent audio, which is not common in TVs as most manufacturers expect users to add separate audio components. There is a learning curve if you haven't previously owned an LG smart TV.

Sony XBR65X900F 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV with Alexa...
  • BEYOND HIGH DEFINITION: 4K HDTV picture offers stunning clarity & high dynamic range color...
  • ENHANCED QUALITY: With the X1 Extreme Processor enjoy controlled contrast & wide range of...
  • SAY IT. SEE IT. : Connect Alexa to your compatible Sony TV to stream smart camera feeds...


65 inches

This Sony TV and the Samsung have similar specifications. The Sony offers excellent picture quality with great colors. Sony is known for doing well with color rendition. It is easy to set up and use the TV. However, there may be issues with some apps. Netflix may not work properly with this TV, which could be a major problem for some users. The overall build quality, though, is very good. It is compatible with Google Home and uses Android TV, so you should have a great app selection.

The Benefits and Drawbacks

Listening to what others have to say about a product can give you a bit of insight. However, some people are really biased in reviews and may not tell the whole truth. We have gone through numerous reviews of the MU8000 series to get to the facts. Below we present you with an unbiased, comprehensive pros and cons list that describes what we feel is the most accurate information.


  • Deep blacks and good overall contrast
  • Very responsive when using inputs
  • Solid smart TV platform
  • Nice voice control remote option
  • Decent sound for a TV
  • Check Circle
    Thin and easy to hang
  • Check Circle
    Great app selection


  • Viewing angle is not wide, so picture distorts when viewing from sides
  • Samsung adds advertising banners that take up screen space and worsen the viewing experience

The advertising issues seem to take over when it comes to reviews of this product. Some people are fine with the ads, but others feel they really lessen the value of the smart TV function. If you want to watch regular television over cable, satellite or air, then you won't get the ads, but any streaming  service will have them. For some people, this is too much to deal with at this price point and is something they are not willing to overlook when competitors offer similar TVs without the ads.

Comparison Table


While the Samsung MU8000 TVs are well made with excellent picture quality, the rating was brought down by the smart TV ads. Reviews made it clear that the ads are disruptive and annoying. Not to mention, this is a higher-end television, and at this price point, it is hard to compromise or be happy about advertisements cutting into your screen size.

If you can get past the ads, then you should be pretty pleased with the TV. It is user friendly, and the Tizen platform makes the smart TV aspects easy to use. You have a lot of app options, as well. The remote is highly rated because it is ergonomic and simple. So, many users did like the TV overall.

We are hesitant to issue a blanket recommendation because of the ad issue. Some users won't tolerate it while others may not care. So, we recommend checking the TV out before buying to see exactly how the ads affect your user experience.


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